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      Today is 2021-12-2, Welcome to the web Maanshan city Aierte Heavy machine manufacturing co., LTD Website: www.kxniw.com

      Vertical scissors blade

      Longitudinal scissors set

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      Product series

      Slitting circular knife

      Spacer ring

      Steel spacer

      Compound rubber spacer

      Scraping knife


      Complete set of tool set

      Ink scraper cleaning

      Shearing machine knife

      Sheet metal cross-cutting knife

      Sheet metal bending machine mold

      Forming shear knife


      Separation distance between sets

      Knife holder

      A partition

      Waste crushing blade


      Quality guarantee:

      With the constant improvement of sheet metal processing precision requirements, alter heavy industry machine manufacture the limited company develops the ultra precision cutting tools, the precision still can only matching precision milling cutter.

      Thickness tolerance + / - 0.001 mm, and Ra0.1 um surface roughness is our normal standard, use our technical skills and professional knowledge, can also satisfy the customer to thickness, parallelism, flatness, outer circle and inner circle higher requirement for cm difference.

      Alter the company to the requirement of high precision, we now can guarantee the thickness tolerance of + / - 0.0015 mm, to within a certain round its tolerance to H3, inspection of all high precision products are to be carried out at room temperature.

      Applicable fields:       

      Large steel factory

      Non-ferrous metal processing plant


      Steel plate processing service center

      Strip steel manufacturers

      Banding factory

      Packaging materials plant

      Steel mesh factory

      Steel manufacturers

      Tube mill

      Slitting equipment manufacturers


      About us
      About us:

      Maanshan city Aierte Heavy machine manufacturing co., LTDWas founded in 2000, located in the first town of cutlery bo hope town in anhui province maanshan bo hope three Yang industrial park. After alter heavy industry manufacturing co., LTD. The joint efforts of all staff and continuous development, the company has grown into a blade mould, machine tools, machinery parts, engineering parts production, sale, forgings, sales for the integration of large-scale professional machinery manufacturing enterprises. Company existing all kinds of mechanical engineer accounted for 30% of staff, senior engineer 10 people, is a concentration of business management, marketing, production as one of the integrated enterprise, the company production of paper products and printing industry cutting tools series, metallurgical industry, tool series, plastic industrial cutting tools series, the series of chemical fiber industrial cutting tools, tool series, wood industry, electronics industry series, the series of food industrial cutting tools, machine tool series, products include eight series, more than 1000 varieties, 10000 kinds of specifications of the products, apply to multiple industries and fields.
      In our joint efforts, will continue to grow stronger, strive for to 2015 times and national marketing network, with meticulous and perfect after-sales service, good business ethics to win customers trust!
      Here, we sincerely welcome the general merchants to come to visit, guidance, to the development of "alter" states, at the same time hope to "alter" products make contributions to your enterprise development, the business is thriving!



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